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Raymond Curnow, 
Fiat 124 Pininfarina Spider:

I am the proud possessor of a 1977 Fiat 124 Pininfarina Spider. This car is a pleasure to look at and fun to drive, with the exception of the very heavy steering, which makes parking and manoeuvring in narrow places very hard work.

A long search in Internet revealed no suitable servo system which could be adapted for use in my car and I had more or less resigned myself to living with this disadvantage when fate took a hand in the form of a slipped disk which ruled out further heavy labour.

It looked as if I could wave goodbye to the pleasure of wafting down country lanes listening to the engine burbling (and the even louder gearbox – I must get that fixed some day!).

However, not to be defeated so easily, I made another search in Internet and, low and behold, there was an advertisement for an electric steering system by a firm in Holland. I telephoned the German agent and it was quickly arranged for my Spider to be collected from Hamburg and taken down to Holland.  

The German agent rang me later to say that the car had arrived safely and that they were delighted with the very heavy steering! After about fourteen days, the car was returned.

With some trepidation, I got into the car and did a few three-point turns in the driveway and was most impressed with lightness of the steering.  


Wondering how the car would behave on the open road, I went out for a drive around the local lanes and after correcting the too hard tyre pressures, I was delighted to find that the steering was progressive and not over-light as I had at first suspected.

The steering unit itself is tucked away under the instrument panel so that the original appearance of the vehicle is not altered. 

I have spoken to a number of other classic car owners and they nearly all admit that the heavy steering is the one great drawback to owning older cars and most of their wives would not dream of driving themselves.  

Well, this is the solution and I heartily recommend it anyone who, like myself wishes to enjoy driving an older vehicle without the physical strain usually involved.

With the usual disclaimers, thank you ez electric power steering.

Raymond Curnow
Hamburg, Germany, December, 2009