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Ez Tracking

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Geo-fence, EZ Tracking and more!

The EZ Tracking track and trace system is available as an option on all our power steering systems and offers a number of interesting functions in addition to the improved adjustable speed signal.

- Live car tracking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- View the driven routes, (for a period) up to 90 days (also possible in street view)

- Setting a Geo Fence ensures that you will receive a warning if your car moves outside a selected radius by you

- Setting notifications such as when the system has a low battery voltage, the car is driving at a higher speed than is entered, the battery is disconnected or the ignition is switched on



With a unique login code, you get personal access to the EZ Tracking platform. The data is therefore only visible to the owner of the car.

For existing customers who already have an EZ Electric Power Steering system in their car, we can offer an upgrade


The purchase of the module costs €165 (excl. VAT) and can be installed within 30 minutes. The subscription is €13,50 a month (€162,-(excl. VAT) per year), which allows you access to the EZ Tracking platform. If you do not extend the tracking subscription, the GPS for the speed signal will  remain active for the power steering to work perfectly.