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Especially for tall drivers, who cannot find a comfortable driving position in their classic EZ Power Steering has the following solutions.

For many classic car applications we can supply eccentric hubseccentric steering wheels, and for extremely tall/large drivers: steering wheels with a flattened bottom.

This offers those people that cannot drive with the original steering wheel in place the possibility to find a comfortable driving position.


These enthusiasts will also appreciate the excellent view of the dashboard instruments and an easier entry and exit to their classic car.

All achieved without having to fit an extremely small modern steering wheel that looks out of place in a classic, which won’t be appreciated by concours contest judges.


Eccentric hub 1

Eccentric hub - one solution for tall drivers





Eccentric hubs

An eccentric hub lifts the steering wheel up from the center steering shaft, offering two advantages:

- more legroom and
- a better view of the dashboard instruments.

In combination with a smaller diameter steering wheel the legroom increases even more and the view of the gauges remains intact.

Cars such as the Porsche 911 Carrera and Ferrari 328 were supplied from the factory with eccentric steering wheels.

EZ Power Steering often sees these cars retrofitted with a smaller non eccentric accessory wheel, that offers no more leg room than the original larger steering wheel, whilst the upper steering wheel rim blocks the view of the speedometer/rev counter because it misses the effect of an eccentric hub.



Eccentric hub 3

eccentric hub 2





For example:
an original Porsche eccentric steering wheel is 38cm diameter. If it is replaced by a 36cm unit, that is not eccentric, the legroom will be identical (2cm less diameter means 1cm more legroom but since the steering wheel is not eccentric it is not lifted 1cm like the original).

The situation at the top of the steering rim is worse (1cm less diameter and 1cm lower due to the non eccentric hub gives a full 2cm less view of the gauges...).









911-original steering wheel 38cm with eccentric hub      911R without eccentric hub      911R with eccentric hub

Original Porsche eccentric steering wheel, 38cm diameter   Replacement wheel 36cm without eccentric hub... 2cm less view of the gauges   Replacement wheel 36cm diameter with 
eccentric hub
... better view of the gauges, more legspace because the hub lifts the steering wheel



EZ Power Steering - Ferrari 308 original steering wheel 38cm diameter      EZ Power Steering - Ferrari 308 smaller replacing steering wheel 35cm diameter      EZ Power Steering - Ferrari 308 smaller replacing steering wheel 35cm diameter with eccentric hub

Original Ferrari steering wheel, 38cm diameter 



Replacement wheel 35cm diameter without eccentric hub.


Replacement wheel 35cm diameter with eccentric hub... better view of the gauges, more legspace because the hub lifts the steering wheel






Eccentric steering wheels

In those cases where it is technically or aesthetically not possible to come to a satisfactory result with a seperate eccentric hub, EZ Power Steering makes steering wheels with an eccentric center, thereby achieving the same effect.



The steering wheel layout is slightly adjusted to hide the eccentric effect. In case of the Corvette C1 steering wheel in the drawing the bottom vertical spoke is slightly shorter than the two horizontal spokes. To make this less obvious the diameter of the holes is slightly smaller than the other spokes.









EZ Power Steering - Corvette original steering wheel, smaller wheel and smaller wheel with eccentric hub

Corvette original steering wheel 43cm diameter   Replacement steering wheel 38cm diameter for Corvette   Replacement  38cm  eccentric steering wheel... better view of the gauges, almost 4cm more legspace than the original steering wheel because the eccentric mounting lifts the steering wheel




Steering wheels with a flat bottom rim

For extremely tall drivers that have their heart set on a classic car with very limited space (i.e. Jaguar XK 120), EZ Power Steering has developed classic steering wheels with a flattened bottom rim.

Often fitted to modern cars such as Audi, this is an innovation which was already common place in the 1950’s. Le Mans race cars needed a large diameter steering wheel for the driver to have enough leverage on the heavy and direct steering. They also needed to be able to jump in the car fast after the running start.



This type of steering wheel makes getting in and out of the car much easier. Of course the top part of the steering wheel still comes close to the drivers legs when the steering wheel is fully turned but most of the time the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position thereby offering maximum space in the cramped cockpit.

We have a few tall customers that have even bought a classic car they otherwise wouldn’t have thanks to these very special steering wheels! 




Nardi stuur uit 1955 in Lemans auto.        EZ Power Steering - Nardi Bisiluro steering wheel

It’s hard to believe but Enrico Nardi already fitted a flat bottom steering wheel to his Le Mans “Bisiluro”car in 1955!   1950's sportscar


EZ Power Steering Jaguar XK120flat steering wheel

Jaguar XK original steering wheel 43cm diameter   Replacement wheel 38cm diameter 
for Jaguar XK

Replacement steering wheel 38cm with flattened bottom rim (period correct) results in almost 7 cm more legspace compared to the original