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 EZ Power Steering - John Surtees

The Ferrari of Formula One driver, John Surtees 
equipped with 
a MOMO steering wheel 

The steering wheel...

One of the most important items in a classic car. It transmits the smallest movement of the drivers hands to the front wheels. It’s the part you see first when you are “behind the wheel” and literally have in your hands when driving.

No need anymore

During all the years that EZ Power Steering has been fitting power steering to classic cars, many owners have commented that they could now finally fit a smaller steering wheel as they no longer needed a large diameter steering wheel to cope with the heavy steering. 

In some cases a beautiful period correct wheel was fitted, in others an out of place modern sports steering wheel.... EZ Power Steering found that many classic car owners had difficulty finding the correct parts. We noticed that in some cases there were no good alternatives and therefore started production of our own line of classic steering wheels.




See the difference...

Mercedes 190SL original steering wheel and EZ Power Steering smaller copy       Mercedes 190SL - legspace original vs EZ Power Steering  smaller steering wheel            
Mercedes 190SL original large steering wheel and the smaller copy by EZ Power Steering accepting the original signal ring and horn push/horn button  
More legroom due to our EZ Power Steering steering wheel

Nice collection

EZ Power Steering has compiled a very nice collection of replacement steering wheels to compliment our power steering units. We provide exact copies of iconic wheels such as the Mercedes 190SL, Chevrolet Corvette C1 and Volvo P1800 but also have



wheels made to our own specifications by Nardi, Moto-Lita and Momo.

These Brands have been around for quite some time and were OEM to such fine motorcars such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and even formula one cars! 



Their steering wheels were often offered as accessories in the 50’s and 60’s and are therefore accepted by such organizations as FIVA and the German Historic legislature as period correct.   




Guidelines to choose your period correct, smaller diameter steering wheel
A proper classic replacement steering wheel from before the 70’s has a thin grip and should not be more than 2 inches smaller than the original steering wheel or it will look out of place.   Ideally it should be exactly the same shape as the original or be a period correct accessory and accept the original horn push/horn button.   From the 1970’s on the steering wheels gradually became thicker, smaller in diameter and were often leather wrapped.


EZ Power Steering Nardi oud en nieuw stuur      EZ Power steering Nardi steering wheel Lancia Aurelia B20 GTi

Nardi steering wheels: before the 70's
(thin grip)
 and after the 70's (thicker grip)

Nardi steering wheel in a Lancia Aurelia B20



Don't make the wrong choice!

EZ Power Steering - WRONG CHOICE      EZ Power Steering period correct smaller steering wheel Porsche 911

Replacement steering wheel 35cm diameter
with a thick grip 
looks out of place in a
classic Ferrari

Replacement steering wheel 38cm diameter with a thin grip is period correct which looks much better in a classic Ferrari




The perfect solution for larger/taller drivers

Each model is carefully selected by our specialists to provide more legroom for easy entrance and exit from the car whilst offering a more comfortable driving position and still giving a good view of the dashboard gauges. 


The smaller EZ steering wheels are the ideal solution for larger/taller drivers that don’t have enough space with the original steering wheel in place.


In case the driver is extremely tall we can offer an eccentric hub that lifts the steering wheel slightly, providing even more legroom and increasing the visibility of the dashboard dials.

Look for these and more solutions in the chapter 'STEERING SOLUTIONS FOR TALL DRIVERS'


JaguarMKII - legspace original vs EZ Power Steering smaller wheel        MKII - original steering wheel and EZ Power Steering replacing smaller steering wheel

Extra legroom in the Jaguar MKII   Original large steering wheel and smaller, period correct replacing
wheel by
EZ Power Steering