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Volvo 1800ES

Volvo 1800ES - ervaringen met EZ Power Steering


F. Vree, Volvo 1800ES:

I am very pleased with the EZ Electric Power Steering system fitted to my car. Due to the fact that my car has factory installed air conditioning, this was the only way to convert the car as there was no room under the bonnet to fit an original system.

Since I didn't want to remove the airconditioning this "invention" is ideal for me because I now have both airconditioning and power steering, which is double the comfort, and more importantly, it all works perfectly! 



This season I have driven more miles than in the last four years. I am 64 years old and steering has now become a pleasure.

An interesting note, my wife now also loves to drive my car - although I'm not sure if I am really pleased with this development...