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Saab 96

Saab 96 - ervaringen met EZ Power Steering


Dhr. G. Beucker Andreae, Saab 96:

After careful consideration and a visit to Roger and Ruud in Herwijnen to see and experience the power steering myself, I finally made the decision to have the system fitted to my car after having driven their demonstrator car. It is quite an investment, but you get a lot in return. It was quite exciting for me because it was the first Saab 96 in which Ruud would fit the EZ Electric Power Steering unit. 




The result is very satisfying. Roger did have to visit me afterwards to repair a faulty connector. Ever since then, the Saab steers perfectly. The advantages can mainly be felt in sharp curves, roundabouts and parking manoeuvres. I found it a costly modification, yet you will get the maximum value for money out of it if you drive your classic on a regular basis!