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Opel GT

Opel GT - ervaringen met EZ Power Steering


H. Nouwens, Opel GT

Having spent the first 300 miles with EZ Electric Power Steering in my Opel GT, I can safely say to be very happy with the investment I made. Earlier, I fitted a smaller steering wheel and other seats to gain more leg room in the rather cramped interior of my car. It had made steering at low speeds really heavy, however.
With EZ Electric Power Steering fitted, it has become a joy to park the car or to reverse it into the garage. I only need one hand on the wheel to do it, which wasn't even possible with the original steering wheel! 


Driving in low speed curves has become a no-brainer, something which I have become accustomed to when driving my modern daily driver. It is ideal to say the least, because I am not getting any younger and still hope to be enjoying my Opel GT for many years to come.

My thanks go to Roger and Ruud for the professional installation and the friendly ambience.